Feel’n hot, hot, hot? Maybe the climate really is ch, ch, changing.

We have heard a lot about climate change these days. (Even as we post this, the thermometer is moving toward 38 Celsius up here the Great White North! — For our American friends that’s like 100 degrees).

As we slather on the sun screen and slip into our Jesus sandals, it’s important for all of us to take a hard look at this issue of climate change and make sure we have all the facts, approach the issue reasonably, and act on our conclusion responsibly. After all, God gave us this place called planet Earth. We should probably do all we can to understand how it works and make sure we have done our best not to trash it.

It’s especially important that we Christians make sure we decide on the evidence for ourselves without letting political or theological agendas get in the way of how we approach our world. The best way to do this is to have dialogue with smart people who know about this stuff.

In this Roundtable Podcast, we sit around a round table (ok ok with the AC on…yes…) while Bruxy and Nina Cavey interview Andrew Farley and Katharine Hayhoe about climate change and our Christian responsibility.

Feel free to get someone to fan you with a big ostrich feather or something, grab a nice cool glass of lemonade (or your cold beverage of choice) and join in on the discussion.

Things are heating up!

Want to download it? Click on the download button in the SoundCloud player above or you can go to our Podcast page and subscribe to either our iTunes or RSS feed.

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