Unbending the Scriptures on Gender

In the next few weeks, we’re going to try and deal with some issues related to gender, leadership, identity, and relationships when it comes to living out the Christian faith and understanding the Bible. If you don’t know already, our denomination, (the BIC – yes, ok, the “B” stands for “Brethren” an older English word for “brothers”. But we do love the Sisterns too!), holds an Egalitarian position on all this stuff. Now if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. Just read some of our Blog posts, listen to some of the audio messages and do a little more digging with the resources we provide and it will become clear.

A while back we did a series called His and Hers that explored the differences between the sexes and how that was all tied up in God’s intention for us. Check it out here. http://www.themeetinghouse.com/pageid/1717/

Another site you might want to check out about all this stuff is one by Rachel Held Evans. She’s cool, not only because she has 3 names, but also because, she’s a strong voice for Biblical Egalitarianism in the Christian community and has a great active Blog.


To get the discussion going, give a listen to the following message from the Drive Home Podcast that supplements the “Living Together as The Church” message. Here we unpack some of the scriptures related to gender roles.

Want to download it? You can find it here. (Right-Click the Drive Home Link.)

4 thoughts on “Unbending the Scriptures on Gender

  1. Jordan

    Bruxy, man, that was thorough. Though I tend to put more of an emphasis on social transformation, maybe, than you, this was great. Its a minor quibble anyway, given that I think we both want those transformations. Anyway, thank you for the…”leg work”🙂

  2. Michelle

    Women already lead. It is different of course than the way men lead, but they do none the less. God’s got this.

  3. Donna Davidson

    awesome Bruxy🙂 i was troubled by many of the Scriptures that u shared as I never want 2 over look or disregard the instructions of the Bible, yet in the Spirit, it sure didn’t seem like Jesus (the complimentary view that I was understanding those Scriptures 2 b saying) so I would, in faith, put those passages under an umbrella of thinking that His New Covenant is higher & absolutely perfect than the Old Covenant we c being expressed through the culture & language of that time … it is interesting 2 learn the intricacies of that through this clear, educated, Biblically sound & fruit of the Spirit teaching … thanx🙂


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